Mar 29

What a beautiful street in Brandybuck is……………….

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One of the beautiful street in my farm area is Brandybuck  builder is Shapell and McKeon the reason is one of the lady in that street is doing a good job by sweeping daily, we should recommend this lady for being one of the best in our town.

Mar 1

It is practical to get an inspection of the property before you put in the market…..

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Based on my experienced it is advisable to get all kinds of inspections before you put  in the market, especially termite report with subarea usually the will find FURTHER INSPECTIONS  costing the sellers blank check on this problems. If I am the Listing Agent I will do anything to support my client to avoid this problems.

Feb 8

Yesterday I visited my client and he was surprised to see me !!!!

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My client is very good guy and he  was surprised to see me walking around in the neighborhood he though that I am no longer in real estate and  he is planning to sell his rental property within few months so he told me if I can do market analysis or evaluation. Based on my experienced if the individual did not see you they don’t call you. So from now on I will start visiting all my clients.

Jan 28

More listing coming in Santa Clara County about 19% increases…

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In Evergreen meeting this morning group of 50 peoples more or less they told us that the inventory in Santa Clara County is increasing little by little it is good for a buying agent because few weeks ago if you put an offer on the property it is multiple offers in the table. I would predict that this coming spring is more listing coming to the market..

Jan 19

Open House During NFL Championship Game Is Not Busy as Usual!

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Here is my experience during the game I did my open house from 12:00 to 2:00 PM and I got only 4 groups came  to the open house some of the people are from the neighborhood, but I got one couple that are interested to this property. I noticed that only few open  house sign in the street.